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Empowering tech professionals on the hunt for opportunities in Europe and the USA

The Boat opens the door to the companies you've longed to be a part of and ensures a consistent track record of successfully landing new positions
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Career coaching and behavioral mock interviews
Navigating a fresh job market can be an intimidating journey. We help you to grasp the process better, boost your self-assurance, and get you ready for an interview with a tech hiring manager at a top tech company in Europe or the USA.
Technical mock interview and mentorship

To excel in a technical interview, practice is key! And for top-notch preparation, you should be interviewed by a mentor who not only provides thorough feedback but also offers detailed, actionable recommendations for improvement. Our mentors are senior-level hiring managers at well-established tech companies in Europe and the USA. They're also well-versed in the hiring process, making them your best resource for interview readiness.
CV upgrade

Putting together a basic resume might seem straightforward, but tailoring it to match your career aspirations, the specific job you're pursuing, and understanding what employers are seeking can be quite challenging. We're here to assist you in achieving all of these objectives and getting you to your desired destination.

Hear from developers like you
Artem Alekseev, Middle Java developer

"I liked everything - very constructive and useful feedback. Although, I thought it would be a bit more technical, but I realized that there are still points that need to be corrected even without that".
Bogdan Krasovski, Senior Python developer

"Thanks to The Boat, I was able to hone my algorithm and system design skills through practice mock interviews. In fact, it was through this platform that I was able to secure my current role as a backend developer. The interviewers on the platform were highly knowledgeable and provided me with valuable feedback to improve my interviewing skills".

Alexander Voinich, Golang developer

The role that The Boat played in helping me gain entry to top tech companies cannot be overstated. As someone with a highly unconventional resume, I found the interviewing experience on this platform, both online and in-person, to be invaluable. While I did utilize other sites like pramp.com to practice my interview skills, nothing can truly replicate the on-site experience, which I believe is a key indicator of a candidate's caliber. This experience proved to be pivotal in securing the offer I ultimately accepted.

Our mentors

The basics you need to have to succed with us:

Career goal and understanding of your tech interest's scope


Degree in tech or 2 years of experience in software development


Having a strong desire to secure a job in an international company and the persistence to work hard for it

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