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Aleksander Petrov
Founder of The Boat
The Boat was established by Aleksander Petrov, a seasoned software developer and entrepreneur with decades of experience in research and development. This service was born out of a response to the growing demand for tech talent in the market and the need for companies to stay competitive in this rapidly evolving era.

As an entrepreneur, Aleksander faced challenges related to labor shortages in emerging technologies. To address this issue, he had to train individuals from within his organization to bridge the talent gaps in terms of both quality and quantity. Over the years, the training department developed technologies and methodologies that became the foundation of The Boat, emphasizing a lifelong learning approach, mentorship, and an enriching training environment.

To further enhance the value of the service for companies seeking tech talent, Aleksander decided to expand beyond training and offer comprehensive recruitment solutions.

Recruitment and training are intertwined processes. Effective training relies on learners having the right attitude and relevant experience. Sometimes, the best way to assess a learner's potential is to let them embark on the training journey. The Boat allows companies to mitigate risks and provides an all-encompassing solution for the tech industry.

At The Boat, we take on the responsibility of recruitment, training, and even onboarding. We support newcomers from their initial interviews to their early achievements in their new roles. This approach not only maximizes the success of learners but also contributes to the retention of new employees.

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