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Job-oriented skills and hands-on projects
Our job-oriented training is focused on building practical skills. It bridges the gap between learning and applying knowledge. Therefore, we offer a job-oriented training to get candidates prepared well ahead of time for their corporate exposure. We shape the training from two perspectives: the responsibilities of the candidate in the new place and his level of skills, the basement he has to start with.
Collaborative learning and team mindset
Developers work in a team and it is important for a junior developer to build collaborative mindset from the very beginning. While working on the project The Boat learners have access to all project information and can clearly understand everyone's part in it. The broad knowledge of the project leverages the training a lot opposite to tunnel vision that stalls progress for junior developers.
Mentor guidance and individual resposibility balance
Mentorship plays a crucial role in junior devs' growth and upskilling. Mentors point developers in the right direction, give them hints and boost their self-esteem when diving into the unknown. But mentoring can also negatively affect performance. All developers should have responsibilities that they own. We create a training experience that will not only provide developers with information but also teach them autonomy.
Course summary
Basic architecture concepts
  • Special aspects of highload services (introduction to highload architecture, architecture requirements)

  • Data storage (data storage format, data connection and structure, analytics, and big data storage)

  • Data connection (system communication with the outside world, models of data connection, caching)

  • Data processing (batch and stream processing, event sourcing and streams)
  • Practical recommendations for different architecture components optimization and main processes organization (web servers, queues, content delivery network, balancing, backups, profiling, Ci/CD)
Monitoring and testing
  • Different monitoring systems and instruments/load testing approaches (resource monitoring systems, monitoring systems for user metrics, stress testing, approaches and tools, logging)
  • Main high load generator — DDoS-​​attacks and peak loadings. Work principles of main DDoS-attack types and ways to defend from them. Main causes of peak loadings and ways to minimize them (DDoS attacks, peak loadings)
OUR learning environment
We partner with redforester.com - a collaborative mind map tool to provide learners with a comprehensive learning environment

Our learning environment
is enhanced with special features to make training consistent and helpful to get inexperienced programmers tuned up fast
  • 1
    Learning paths
    Learning path is a structure of the training, customized according to the goals of the company. It is a basement to which a candidate and a mentor stick to.
  • 2
    Knowledge sharing tool
    A knowledge base helps to make training optimized, customized and gather all information, documents, and workflow details in one place that is easily accessible to candidates and a mentor.
  • 3
    A mentor as well as the company can check up the results of the training in their own profiles.
  • 4
    Result bar
    To keep up with the curricula and stay in the know of a candidate's performance we implemented a result bar, which helps a candidate to keep pace while a mentor stays in the know of the learner's progress.
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